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Humanscope Inc. is a Product Development Company.

We will help you connect with your target audience and maximize marketing opportunities.
Let us work with you to create meaningful, innovative product designs that improve the human experience.

Here at Humanscope, we provide you with:

•Integrated Market Research

•Industrial Design

•Product Design Engineering

•Product Development


•Patenting & Manufacturing Services

Latest Work
What’s Been Going on at Humanscope.

Latest Work

What’s Been Going on at Humanscope.

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Industrial Design

Humanscope’s industrial design team have over 60 years of combined experience developing products that balance the needs and wants of the consumer with the business strategy of the client. We create products that are functional and profitable. We research competitive and complimentary products, relevant materials and processes and patents, to get a strong understanding of how to best differentiate your design.

Design Engineering

Humanscope’s designers ensure that our concepts are manufacturable and cost effective from the start. We are experts in product cost-reduction and in designing to regulatory standards such as CSA, UL, ISO, FDA, and FCC. Using state-of- the-art CAD tools (Solidworks), the Humanscope design team creates and refines the initial design concepts into a three dimensional assembly model of the product including all of the physical components


Protecting your product innovation is critical to be successful in today’s market. We work closely with US patent agents to develop a cost effective IP strategy that includes trademarks and patents. Obtaining the proper trademarks and patents is critical if you intend to market the product yourself or to license it to someone else. Our Industrial Design and Product Development team has extensive experience in obtaining strong protection for the intellectual property of our clients.


By operating our own factory in China, we have key factory personnel in constant contact with our designers, mould makers and suppliers. We have a continuous flow of ideas that reduces product development time while delivering innovative, cost effective solutions for our customers. In addition to this we have a network of North American manufacturers, distributors and suppliers we use when it complements the business and product strategy.


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Design for Product Success

Design for Product Success

Written by Steve Copeland As founder of Humanscope,  I am often asked by customers: “Do you think I have a good idea?”  My response is to share the reasons a product is successful. The top reasons products are successful: Market acceptance – customers need or want it...

Aumi @ b8ta in Palo Alto

Aumi @ b8ta in Palo Alto

More than mere path lighting, Aumi is a versatile rechargeable night light that you can plug into any outlet or transport and run on battery for up to eight hours. Using Low Energy Bluetooth, you control Aumi’s motion sensors, dimmers, smart timers, and color options...


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