Develop a connective nightlight that gives the user control that fits in a modern home.


To create a Bluetooth enabled LED nightlight, providing features that surpass ordinary nightlights.

1. Design Challenges

Ensure nightlight is easy to set up and accommodates a variety of decors in households

2. Competitive Advantage

User friendly design enabling instant connectivity with timers and motion detection

3. Electronic Integration

A creative blend of physical design, electronics and app software, was developed through extensive user testing

4. Production and Packaging Quality

A manufacturing process was setup and refined to perfect the final product assembly process during volume production

5. Crowdfunding Campaign

Proper organization and marketing lead to a promising Kickstarter campaign allowing Aumi to launch quickly and successfully. 

6. E-Commerce and Fulfillment

Establish relationships with 3rd party retailers such as Wal-Mart, while creating a positive user experience through it’s own e-commerce website.