A Complete Solution for Safety and Convenience in Botox Treatments

Humanscope was asked to create a simple solution for
Botulinum Toxin A injections to be fast, intuitive and easy to use.


Cheryl Muise has been a registered nurse for 38 years and operates a small business that provides botulinum toxin A injections for aesthetic use. 

After extensive research to try to find a simple solution for botulinum injections, Cheryl received mentor-ship through the McMaster University Innovation Factory.  Her connections at the Innovation Factory lead to a partnership with Humanscope to develop the BTX Pen.  

There are many issues surrounding the injection of botulinum toxin A due to the precise tiny amounts used and the multiple numbers of injections needed for these treatments.   Cosmetic injectors collectively acknowledge frustration around the injection process that can lead to over dosing and waste of the expensive botulinum solution.

Botulinum injections are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure and Clinicians are looking for a simplified solution for injecting botulinum toxin A.

Why does it have to be so difficult?

–  Typical 30 unit syringe needles cannot pierce the rubber stopper on a botulinum vial so the metal ring is pried off. Care is needed to prevent breaking the glass vial. 

– Plunger resistance risks over-injecting if pressed too hard.

The Solution.

This project created a simple solution to make the injection of botulinum toxin A, fast, intuitive and easy to use. A brand new mechanical system was created to make a dial-a-dose syringe. syringe  that can be used for many different micro dose solutions.

What Humanscope Delivered.

We created a patented medical device that when tested in a laboratory was found to be more accurate than other existing syringes. The BTX Pen will be licensed to an international manufacturer and sold to physicians and cosmetic practioners worldwide.

There is no dial-a-dose medication pen/syringe on the global market that can be filled by the user. UNTIL NOW