A Purposeful and Powerful Tool for Performance Vision Training

Humanscope was asked to develop the mechanical and electronic details of the Binovi Touch by EyeCarrot.

Binovi Touch by Eye Carrot

Many patients who receive vision therapy have problems with eye movements, peripheral vision and different aspects of hand-eye coordination. EyeCarrot was founded to bring attention to the many visual performance issues that traditional ophthalmic treatments were not addressing. Their vision is to help those treating these visual performance issues by providing the tools necessary to bring treatment into the 21st century. 

Humanscope was approached by Eye Carrot to help take the Saccadic Fixator concept created by Harry Wayne into a modern, durable, portable device for vision therapy. 

Humanscope developed the full electronic human visual/touch interface, power supply, Bluetooth connection with the APP, the mechanical enclosure and packaging for the Binovi Touch. The challenge was to have instantaneous feedback as the user touches the panel. We worked with EyeCarrot and our suppliers in China to prototype, test and manufacturer the final product. 

The Binovi Touch is now used to develop key vision skills that we use every day, and rely on to perform well and stay safe. Whether it’s as a professional baseball player, tracking the ball as it leaves the pitchers hand and swinging the bat at the right time and place to hit a home run, or a child following a string of letters and words and being able to make sense of what they are seeing, vision is a crucial part of how we interact with the world around us, and it is something that can always be improved.