Steve Copeland


The team at Humanscope is lead by company founder Steve Copeland. Steve has managed award winning product development groups since he was Design Supervisor at Cooper Canada. Founding Paradox Design in 1986, he created new products for Bauer, Nike, Bell, Burton, Irwin Toy, Itech, MSA, North Safety, and Rawlings. Steve merged Paradox with Spark Innovations in 2004 to grow the company from a staff of six designers and engineers to fifteen in four years. During this time he created new products for Adidas, Amertac, Baylis, Eikon and Warrior. Since 1996 Steve has helped develop new standards in safety and testing as a member of the Hockey Equipment Committee, at the Canadian Standards Association. With the staff of electronic engineers and industrial designers at Humanscope, Steve continues to create innovative new products with his customers.